The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life

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Published in the US on 15 February 2022. Pre-order here:
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People who believe ageing brings wisdom live longer.
Lucky charms really do improve an athlete’s performance.
Reappraising stress as energising increases your creativity under pressure.
Cultivating an indulgent attitude to food helps you lose weight.
Taking a placebo, even when you know it is a placebo, can still improve your health.

Welcome to The Expectation Effect.

In this book David Robson takes us on a tour of the cutting-edge research that reveals the many profound ways that our expectations shape our experience. Bringing together fascinating case studies and evidence-based science, The Expectation Effect uncovers new techniques that we can all use to improve our fitness, productivity, intelligence, health and happiness.

Of course, you can’t just think yourself thinner, happier or fitter, but using this book you can reframe many different facets of your life, and in so doing start real psychological, physiological and behavioural change. These easy-to-use skills will help you on your way to becoming the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.

Here’s the table of contents:

The Prediction Machine: How your beliefs shape your reality
A Pious Fraud: How beliefs can transform recovery from illness
Do No Harm: How expectations can hurt as well as heal—and how to break a curse
The Origins of Mass Hysteria: How expectations spread within groups
Faster, Stronger, Fitter: How to take the pain out of exercise
The Food Paradox: Why indulgence is essential for healthy eating
Destressing Stress: How to turn negative feelings to your advantage
Limitless Willpower: How to build endless reserves of self-control and mental focus
Untapped Genius: How to boost your own—and others’—intelligence, creativity, and memory
The Super-Agers: Why you really are as young—or old—as you feel

“A fascinating, optimistic and empowering book. David Robson uses science and stories to show the extent to which we are shaped by our beliefs, and how the predictive power of our brains influences pain, diet, sleep, exercise and intelligence” — DR MONTY LYMAN, author of THE REMARKABLE LIFE OF THE SKIN

“Authoritative, measured, practical & encouraging, it will change your attitude to life’s challenges” — DR CHRISTIAN JARRETT, author of BE WHO YOU WANT

“An intriguing account of the role of expectation (and perception in general) in a wide panorama of experience. Beautifully written, science-based, and a gripping read. I loved it!” — DR MITHU STORONI, author of STRESS-PROOF

“Packed with science and stories about the remarkable body-mind connection” — KERRY DAYNES, author of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MIND